Hint with an alternative definition: it is something good in bulk as a big/large boon because of God’s bless, luck (Bingo!), labor or obtained by guile (blah-blah) & blood (to «blag»)

Hints with translation + rhyme: large boon, so large that you need a lagoon to place it

Hints with translation + consonant words (by sounds or letters): imagine tribes who’s seeing «a steel eagle» with a big cargo/luggage with food & tools = unexpected good/blague — boasting or jokes as a reaction for boon or false boon

Hints with indirect antonym + context: the black plague is gone = white boon

Hints with anagram + context: imagine Karma like a global blog by God full of boon (how many good things I did and what boon I deserve) / bog goblins are goggling & gobbling something good as anti-boon / a bag with a goal for someone (accomplished goal)

Hints with a mirror: blago | ogalb > awe + gulp (to gulp awe, fear, bad)

Hints with changed original word + context: blah-blah + go = real good result not just idle talk or blah + go = no depression / bla (blanch, albus, blaze = bene) + go (= fit) > benefit

International hints: 宝 + 良 / بركة / belag gunst / goods from Bhaga

Russian pro-tip: белое + голубое (как небо)

Mental visualization: Б (a benefactor gives out something good from a basket or bag / the convex part of the letter is the basket or bag, «Г» part is the hand) + Л (a table with a tablecloth / the tablecloth falls down, one leg of the table is visible) + A (a heap of money under the table / the horizontal line in the letter «A» is the top of the bag with gold coins) + Г (the back of the table) + O (a full bag/basket of good)