БРОСАТЬ _|_ TO THROW / BROSAT [brɐˈsatʲ] 

Hint with an alternative definition: to grab something and throw it, to cause it to move rapidly through the air, for example, to throw a rod overboard (for fishing), to throw a bronze or brassy ball with bounce, to throw bricks to break something or bruise someone like a bad boss, to throw a bomb to burst, to throw a rope into precipice, to throw a bright rose at feet of a pretty girl, to throw rubbish & garbage into a bucket.

Hint with composition: brace + out = to throw (antonym)

Hints with translation + consonant words (by sounds or letters): to throw veggies* into the broth (*potato, carrot) or bree / to throw (something good) to a bro’ site (for his satisfaction), for example in brasserie (bar) / browser (to dart/throw a glance on websites)

Hints with anagram + context: mother aborts a baby (worse throwing ever)

Hints with a mirror: sorb (take in) | bros (take out)

Броский: to throw a glance on a bright for a sight (bruss) object

Mental visualization: a figure with an ax (Б — the convex part of the letter is an ax, blade, and hilt, «Г-like part» is a hand) throws another ax (Р) to the round target (О), the broken target (Ь) is near …