Hint with an alternative definition: it is a bitter routine with habits on a beaten track of life; it has many «ifs and buts» (if you’ve bought a house, you must be at duty with all of these tasks).

Hints with translation + consonant words (by sounds or letters): the romance is a rose on bait with buds from a man, but the daily routine (domesticity) is a beet (root) / «bits and pieces» of daily routines of Beauty and the Beast / when a shining barque of love turned to a boat with a leak / the everyday boot up of life (imagine house and homework as Mac, Linux or Windows)

Hints with related words: to be a bot (robot) in a pit of homework

Hints with mirror: Tibet (spiritual, not routine) | ты — быт

International hints: 必填

Russian pro-tip: добыча (еды) + плита (готовка еды) + уборка избы от пыли; разбитая тропа жизни со следами копыт; быт | ты б… (побуждение к рутинному труду); быт = работа + пытка (на дыбе времени)

Mental visualization: a pregnant woman or a person in an apron (Б — the convex part of the letter is the stomach or apron) washes clothes (Ы — the convex part of the letter is crumbled and balled clothes, the vertical lines are the scrub-board) and dries them (T — stretching on a pillar or dryer — clothes horse)