Hint with an alternative definition: to require with authority; when the Lord tells the will: «well, any…» or «well…, let…» (it can be written on vellum), his will is for villages & folk, for land & valley; this will can be full of well lenity, villainy or any velleity (instead of old Lord imagine V. Lenin)

Hint with composition: will + law + to / vein line + calling

Hints with translation + consonant words (by sounds or letters): the good order livens you up / the will for eleven or twelve slaves / Imagine that you are a thief who is asking someone to give a wallet

Hints with a mirror: to self | велеть (to someone else)

Russian tip: великий властитель + лень + воля = веление (приказ) для тех, кто на коленях перед ним или в плену долга / Вельможа — тот кому государь может велеть напрямую, а тот вежлив и может великие дела вершить.

Mental visualization: ВЕ (it is like a transfer of will from the lips of the ruler to the document) + ЛЕТЬ (then the transfer of the document to nobles or performers)