ВЕС _|_ WEIGHT / VES [vʲes] 

Hint with an alternative definition: it’s weight, yes, heavy mass with oz, ounces.

Hints with translation + consonant words (by sounds or letters): vessel & vase are carrying a weight / imagine a vestibule — a place to leave excess weight of things — to hang clothes / imagine that the vestibular apparatus is like the balance of weights in the body / voice of verse – is airy weight / viscosity is feature od weight

International hints: faux > vaux (French) / 伟 (вей, большой)

Russian pro-tip: в… (внутри) + с… (связи) = весь объём всех внутренних связей, чем больше, тем вещь тяжелее / величина груза и массы / вес (копить семена) | сев (разбрасывать семена, уменьшая вес)

Mental visualization: B (base of the weigh-scales) + E (weight scale) + C (the bowl where the load is placed) / BE (coat and jacket) + Ш (a big coat hanger) + A (hanger) + T (coat hanger for one coat) + ь (hat hook)


Hint: it’s for wear & shale