ВЕТКА / ВЕТВЬ _|_ BRANCH, BOUGH / VETKA [ˈvʲetkə] / VETV [vʲetfʲ]    

Hint with an alternative definition: imagine twelve twigs or twins-twigs on a wood (oak, willow, walnut or any tree); these twigs vegetate because of wet & water from a trunk, any twig waits & covets for light (свет), but you have to cut it if you want to cultivate a plant or tree (way-to-cut) or «wed» a twig (implant in…)

Hint with transformations: a twig > witga > ветка

Hints with translations, synonyms + context: V-twig (shape) / like a willow twig to weave a basket

Hints with translation + consonant words (by sounds or letters): don’t drink Vodka or you will swing on a vetka (like a drunk monkey) / vital track (out-way to lane) / tree branches in the forest thick like a veto for a car (you cannot pass) / imagine withered & woven twigs of Wicca in the forest

Russian pro-tip: ветка велика у начала, ветха и тонка у конца / ветка растёт от ствола вверх к свету или к корням / на ней все цветки весной, а потом вес плодов

Mental visualization: B (foliage) + ET (branches) + B (foliage) + ь (branch with fruit or flower)