Hint with an alternative definition: front gland*, it produces a good, crude food (milk) for a greedy brood (babes) like a guru produces wisdom for students / * grand, great, 1st-grade gland; girls’ round breast, boys’ flat breast.

Hints with translation + consonant words (by sounds or letters): breast is a place for greed, grudges (you have to make a clean breast), the rise of good (in the heart) or brutal (to beat one’s breast) / cow’s breast is a great udder

Hint with related words: a place for a wearable great rood (cross)

Russian pro-tip: груз + еда (молоко для детей)

Mental visualization: Г (armpit) + P (chest) + У (bra straps) + Д (bra cup) + Ь (chest, second option of visualization)