ВНЕ, ВОН _|_ OUT, OUT / VNE, VON [vnʲe] [von]  

Hint with composition: off (side) + on / via + no, not / off + nay / way + yon = вон (direction) / use vision on something = вон (там) / away + upon or gone or to wane out! — вон!

Hints with translation + consonant words (by sounds or letters): vine with a venom = total out

Hint with a mirror: von (old, need to be replaced) | nov (nova, novelty)

Russian pro-tip: в + не = нахождение в негативе, за пределами некой области; быть не внутри или не в вене, а снаружи тела

Mental visualization: B (traveler with a backpack) + H (border, closed window) + E (closed door)