ВРЕМЯ _|_ TIME / [vrʲemja]  

Hint with an alternative definition: it is my very fair time*, so marvelous, with a row of various moments & remains of past or it is a vortex of minutes, months, years / *verum time

Hints with translation + consonant words (by sounds or letters): it is a yare vessel (ship) in the realm of eternity / it is the swarm or eras / time is the weather of my life… weather with vernal & warm auroras, the weather of summer with whirls of fire or waves and weather of autumn with mists and drifts / time’s move is a veer, revolve or straight vector / time is a vermin and a ram (it knocks you down or nibbles you slowly) / prime way + three + me = past, now, future (time with three ways) / time is like a cat curled up with a whirr (worry-purr) + meow / past is a raven on a grave in the mire, now is a wired spirit of crime or vigor, it will ream you and future is a void of dreams or mares / it is a versed master who can measure your maturity or remit you (and remind your sins) / time contains screams of drama or creams of merriment & sweets / imagine that you hear a roar from a vehicle of time — «vroom-vroom».

Hints with related words: it is like a movie frame (for Emmy prize) or frame of while for our mind / time is sometimes ephemeral & aery, sometimes virtual and sometimes everlasting or irremovable / time is a version of a rhythm of being (time feels different)

Hint with a mirror: yamerv > i-morrow | время

Hints with changed original word + context: November + march/may = vem…mar,may = время / Friday — Monday… fri-mo > время

Russian pro-tip: ветер + вред + мрак = время несёт смерть / я мёртв в яме, когда времени нет (зеркало); я мера в(ещей) | время …

Mental visualization: В (desk calendar / turn the letter left) + Ре (wristwatches) + М (spring or chains of time) + Я (clock tower)