ДЫХАНИЕ _|_ BREATH / [dɨˈxanʲɪɪ̯ə]

Hint with an alternative definition: it is deep in/ex…hale hundreds of times (uncountable) — дыхание

Hints with related words: breathing of a beloved person is a dear honey = дыхание


ДУХ _|_ SPIRIT / DUKH [dux] 

Hint with an alternative definition: it is like a high & holy part of Deus beyond a psyche of a person or divine host beyond the doom of mortal plain, death & dough – дух; but the evil spirit is like a voodoo skull in a hood

International hints: dukkha (Sanscrit. दुःख, duḥkha)



Hint with an alternative definition: it is everywhere like a zephyr with ether in midair, it is vast but hidden from eyes, it goes via vents and saves lives / it was water, but heat transformed it into clouds

Hints with related words: it is like a wet haze/void has no air (воздух)

Russian pro-tip: вдох и выдох = вход и выход для воздуха / дыхание = тихий ход воздуха до лёгких и обратно через ноздри / воздух – помести воду на звезду (огонь) — получишь воздух (пар)

Mental visualization:  ДЫХ (artificial lung ventilation apparatus and a person with an oxygen mask on the bed) / ВОЗД (waves, clouds, mountain = air concentration decreases from air dissolved in water to the air above clouds) + УХ (plants producing oxygen)