ЗАКОН _|_ LAW / ZAKON [zɐˈkon]  

Hint with an alternative definition: It is like the canon of rules & base of enactions issued by a sage person or government; it is for nice and forsaken people; also, the law helps determine who was first and who was second.

Hint with composition: causa + sake (lawsuit) + court / thug + contra + prosecute

Hints with translation + consonant words (by sounds or letters): …where law acts – on / it is a tool to stop cons (with AK) / an ease’ key or prison zone (sucks!) — the law knows / crime is sickening but the law is a cure

Hint with mirror: no cause (anarchy & crime) | закон

Russian pro-tip: знак «за» или «конец» (за или против)

Mental visualization: З (open book) + a (chain comes out of the book) + KO (shackles) + H (bars in a jail)