ЗРЕНИЕ _|_ VISION / ZRENIYE [ˈzrʲenʲɪɪ̯ə] 

Hint with an alternative definition: It is the great sense of sight, ability to observe any scene based on the eyes range, you can see a horizon, north & south, real & unreal, frenzy objects (in dreams or by madness)

Hints with translation + consonant words (by sounds or letters): sunny & trained orb with serenity (eye) gives you a vision

Russian pro-tip: взор в зарю (начало света и дня) и горизонт / зрение — главное зрелое умение


Зрелище: vision relish

Mental visualization: З (bulging eyes) + P (magnifying glass) + EH (eyes with glasses) + Ие (wink or one eye)