КИСЛОТА _|_ ACID / KISLOTA [kʲɪsɫɐˈta]     

Hint with an alternative definition: to feel acid you should lick (something) with sour, tart taste or a lot of acidic taste, for example — lactic acid, kissel, sauce, citrus, cider or just kiss an electric cell (battery); acid is like a cousin sister of caustic & salt.

Hints with translation + consonant words (by sounds or letters): chisel-taste, it makes slots (holes) in a tongue / this taste is like a surly killer-citrus / acid is like a kiss of a slaughter-slut, it will touch you gently then exhilarate you, but finally, it will kill you without trace or kiss of slow death (Thanatos)

Hints with a mirror: at all sick | кислота (liquid strong as hell)

Russian pro-tip: немного кусать + сладкий вкус = кислый.

Mental visualization: КИ (closed floodgates in the area of toxic fluids) + СЛ (valve and flexible tube for acid) + О (acid bath) + Tа (the scientist is ready to place an object into the bath)