Hint with an alternative definition: a piece of metal heated in flame with a logo & name used to brand cattle (mulley) or used to clamp & give a lame mark to a killer on a forehead

Hint with transformations: acclaim — ac (ace) = claim (to lash a name of somebody) 

Hints with translation + consonant words (by sounds or letters): imagine a criminal who was pardoned by clemo and stigmatized with a blade (claymore) / imagine a situation when a cool (blue, cold) tars yellow (hot) with an icicle and it screams «no more!» / clamor + name + blemish = bad reputation (virtual earmark)

Mental visualization: The cattleman fixes the cow by the horns and holds the brand iron (КЛе), the other cattleman also holds the brand iron and fixes the other cow (ЙМО)