КРОВЬ _|_ BLOOD / KROV [krofʲ]    

Hint with an alternative definition: a ruby-colored (incarnadine) vital liquid flowing in the bodies that usually conveys nutrients and oxygen. Blood is usually generated in a spinal cord (marrow).

Hint with composition: raw + gore / claret + red + raw

Hints with translation + consonant words (by sounds or letters): blood is like covered crimson water or gory water / blood is a great move of life, it flows for your growth / blood lets you crave (a rush of blood to face or nether regions) / crew of vessel (ship) — your kin by blood / liquid for craft & actions / sacred ovulation shows blood

Hint with a mirror: work (peace & calm) | your crow’ (gory war)

Latin tip: virginem cruor

Russian pro-tip: коричневая или красная вода

Mental visualization: K (vessels) + P (brain) + O (heart) + B (lungs) + ь (vessels) = blood circulation