ЛЮБОВЬ _|_ LOVE / LYUBOV [lʲʊˈbofʲ]      

Hint with an alternative definition: a profound and caring attraction towards someone, like a «love above all» for both of you (loved by you, you’ll be beloved)

Hint with composition: sweet lube + oven of passion / love + bow

Hint with transformations: lovey-dovey behavior > lyubovey

Hints with translation + consonant words (by sounds or letters): love is a glue for both of you / love is like the flu in a bowel (love sick in guts) / fallen love is a slew and boff / love is a clue of emotions and blow-off / imagine the love of lubber lumberman with a divine dove (opposites attract) / Urban dictionary slang: lubith (he loves > on lubit)

Hint with a mirror: blooey & looby bevy (people with hate) | любовь (pair of beloved persons)

International hints: French: lubie + bouleversée| Chinese: 流 / 柳 [liu] + 博 [bó] + 哇 [wa] / German: Über-liebe + voll

Mental visualization: Лю (lullaby: mother and the cradle with a baby) + Бо (breast-feeding: mother is feeding the baby) + Вь (voyage: mother is walking with a baby)