ОСНОВА _|_ THE BASIS / OSNOVA [ɐˈsnovə]        

Hint with an alternative definition: it is like a foundation stone among bones (think of «os», the bone) – the basis of anything new, novel thing or essential source of it, for example, imagine the basic OS that contains «yes, no & what – positive, negative & indefinite, just like «0», «1» & «1/0» in superposition.

Hint with composition: a fond some + via

Hints with translation + consonant words (by sounds or letters): a blank canvas (page) is a base / once ovum, ova — the first egg, basis / a base oven creates anything

Special hint: O ··· C – H ··· O (this interaction is occasionally described as a special type of weak hydrogen bond. These interactions frequently occur in the structures of important biomolecules like amino acids, proteins, sugars, DNA and RNA)

Mental visualization: ОС + НО (two poles, two opposites attract each other, one carries a hemisphere, and the other carries connections) = ВА (after attraction and connection, a foundation is created from two spheres and a development pyramid)