ОСЯЗАНИЕ _|_ TOUCH / OSYAZANIYE [ɐsʲɪˈzanʲɪɪ̯ə]

Hint with an alternative definition: it is an easy & passive sense of skin (you can feel with no eyes, nose or ears, just with your «ass»), in other words, it is a sense of skin to feel all signs of zones (environment) and get gnosis (knowledge): to feel the size of an object, seize it (touching, pressure, to assay it), feel sighs (wind and breathing) or temperature of a season — cold (sea, ocean, ooze) & hot (zest) or succussion (vibrations). 

Hints with translation + consonant words (by sounds or letters): to feel everything in darkness like an assassin or to feel everything in light like an ace of Zen / the artisan feel — to see with the skin

Mental visualization: the first body lies untouched (О), the second and third bodies touch each other (СЯ), the fourth body touches the neighboring body from behind (З), the fifth body immediately touches neighboring bodies (A), and the sixth body touches itself (Й) = all touch