ПЕРЕД _|_ BEFORE / PERED [ˌpʲerʲɪt] / ПЕРЁД _|_ FORE PART / PERED [pʲɪˈrʲɵt]    

Hint with an alternative definition: Pre-… Prae-… time / Prior to = before (second definition) = перед / foreside of priority order

Hint with composition: be, by + fore (like forth, front) = before — the same logic with перед & перёд

Hint with a mirror: hyper side instead of the deeper backside (mirror)

Hints with translation + consonant words (by sounds or letters): predator side (powered, aggressive, with teeth, but back is passive) or perfect ready side / pert side of proud (but back is hidden) for pride & parade


ПРЕДОК _|_ ANCESTOR / PREDOK [ˈprʲedək]        

Hint with an alternative definition: it is a predecessor from your kin, like an old parent you are proud of, but also think of a rude redneck with a spear always ready to drink a belly-wash or a bad cowboy with a Colt & spurred mustang or a pretty lady holding a dog.

Mental visualization: ПЕ (first row, front and two rows at the back) + PE (reduced front row, similarly) + Д (letter base — in front, open, the upper part — other rows) / a man plows the land bending over (ПР), next to a woman sows seeds (ед), behind them the child sleeps in a cradle (ки) = your ancestors.