Hint with an alternative definition: it is a seed-bearing part of a plant, often with edible pulp or we can say it is a plant’ load in Botany or an up-yield on plowed land or wild fruits from dales & plateaus of our planet (the Earth shape is like fruit too). Think about the way of fruit — from plenty of seeds to buds & blooms and then to fruit because of light glow & pour. For example, an odd apple in a bowl, a low pod, a pretty apricot, a plum, a pluot (plumcot), a date or it is just / fetus — is a little pledge of love inside a body produced by man & woman; by the way, an offspring from a sexual union is also called «fruit».

Hint with transformations: pre-child > pld > плод

Hints with translation + consonant words (by sounds or letters): fetus is your petted blood ball (allegorically) / fetus — a planned baby is like a payload / it is a perfect beloved lot given by fate, you like it a lot but you have to plod with it inside for 9 months (heavy belly) / fetus is a little fellow in a pot (belly) / prattler & toddler = plodd’ler / fruit is also a baby (alternative definition)

Hints with a mirror: a doll p(lay) (artificial baby) | плод (real baby)

Russian pro-tip: дерево и поле дают плоды для еды / от плоти плоть отделить — плодиться

Mental visualization: a person takes fruit from a counter in a store (ПЛ), fruit falls into a shopping cart (ОД)