ПОЛЕ _|_ FIELD / POLE [ˈpolʲɪ]        

Hint with an alternative definition: It is an all-plain peeled place with no forest (just lops), mountain, or river. But also: 1) It can be a vast, open space in a province that is usually used to grow crops (plants) or to hold farm animals (poultry & cattle in the old paddock); 2) A wildland area full of pollen & flowers, think of poppy field or Alpine field; 3) A place where a battle is fought (a battlefield); 4) A physical phenomenon, such as force, electromagnetic or electric field — think about the magnetic pole; 5) An area reserved for playing a game (ballpark), for example, playing lacrosse, Super Bowl or any sports party, imagine a pal in a polo shirt who is playing golf; 6) A field for construction to place pillars for a future a megapolis or a palace; 7) A green polygon to test weapons; 8) A place for a political rally with polls.

Russian pro-tip: после леса осталось поле / это пространство плоское на земле, которое разделяют на половины

Latin tip: palam

Mental visualization: ПО (bull) + Л (plow) + E (arable land)