Hint with an alternative definition: gross dry particles passed through the pores (with rush & under pressure) and reduced by crushing, rubbing or pounding become a powder; or we can say it is wrecked & crushed particles; imagine various powders in Russian — putty, pollen & spores, pellets & small rocks for a magical potion, rouge, sugar & chocolate, pepper & salt, chalk.

Hints with translation + consonant words (by sounds or letters): like ash after perish & shock = powder of death with a purusha (In Indian philosophy, the soul) / like a porridge (close-grained)


ПОРОХ _|_ GUNPOWDER POROKH [ˈporəx]         

Hint with an alternative definition: an explosive mixture of saltpetre, charcoal, and sulphur; used in gunnery, it is like a powder of fire, power & horror.

Russian pro-tip: пыль порока и праха, в чьих порах полыхает пламя.

Mental visualization: ПО (grain into storage) + PO (grain grounds with millstones) + ШО (grain becomes powder under the press) + K (powder is packed) / П (gun barrel) + O (bullet) + P (bag of gunpowder) + O (pile of gunpowder from the bag) + X (ramrods)