ПОЧВА _|_ THE SOIL / POCHVA [ˈpot͡ɕvə]  

Hint with an alternative definition: It is like the pitch-black or white soil of park or beach; it is the peat (ground) under the pavement; it is a plot of land perfect for vegetables and edible root crops — chive, potato, pods to chew; the soil is rich in mineral wealth & pure water, it contains plenty of various decomposed particles (even pollutants), seeds, weeds & roots of any plants (peach, birch, etc.).

Hints with translation + consonant words (by sounds or letters): soil is a porch for chavs (barefooted folks) / soil is like a pitch porridge / a podgy chief (soil is the main substance on the Earth)

Hints with a mirror: aves + top (bird & sky) | почва

Russian pro-tip: чёрная, влажная земля, чавкает под ногами, потчует нас почками и плодами, червями, как чрево поля; на ней почивают от трудов

Mental visualization: P (layer of soil) + O (stone or hole) + Ч (worm) + B (bones) + a (mole)