Hint with an alternative definition: it is an insipid, raw, no pre-salted & pre-peppered taste of food with no presence of spices & flavor (no praise for it & no price, you won’t buy it) but sometimes it is good, for example, a pure rain’s water is the only interest in the desert.

Hints with translation + consonant words (by sounds or letters): it tastes like a pure resin, no reason to eat it / when sapor is like a prose / «no press» taste – no taste of a sour & yellow press or a squeezed lemon juice

Hints with a mirror: in syrup (tasty, sweet) | пресный

Mental visualization: П (empty saltshaker with a broken bottom, no salt) + P (pepper shaker with a broken side, pepper spilled out) + E (food) + CH (plate with appliances = fresh food)