ПРЯМОЙ _|_ STRAIGHT / PRYAMOY [prʲɪˈmoɪ̯]     

Hint with an alternative definition: it is a foremost prime way (path or road) free from any turns (like a straight line of many miles on a map); imagine the main way for a promenade on a pier or a port (US)

Hint with composition: march up + upright line

Hints with translation + consonant words (by sounds or letters): a promise is a too straightway (without zigzags of reality) / prayer’s motive = straightway to God

Russian pro-tip: прочь ямы, идём прямо!

Mental visualization: direct path (П) is opposed to two dead ends (ря), zigzag (M) and circle (O) or formed from them («-«on «-«= «+»)