ПУТЬ _|_ WAY, PATH / PUT [putʲ]    

Hint with an alternative definition: it is a path to a place or out from a place (for the use of pedestrians but not only); to start your path you’ve to put a foot on a road; for example, imagine a peripatetic or pilgrim in a capot coat who’s waiting for a boat in a port to start his journey.

Hint with transformations: pursuit > puuit

Hints with translations, synonyms + context: a pure trip (on a boat or with boots) / pass & route; for example, from past to future

Hints with translation + consonant words (by sounds or letters): like a putsch — to change a path by force (a sudden attempt by a group to overthrow a government) / kaput! – the path is end

Hint with a mirror: stoop (no path, direction to the ground) | путь

Russian pro-tip: вперёд + туда уйти / туп’ик | путь к…

Latin tip: pons / Greek tip: topo-

Mental visualization: П (open door) + У (path from the house with a fork) + TЬ (traveler with a bag)