РАСПАД _|_ DECAY / RASPAD [rɐˈspat] 

Hint with an alternative definition: the prolonged process of being gradually decomposed. For example, imagine a rapid decay of a body because of space radiation or pyrotechnics (fire); decay to a rotting corpse because of pathology with release a spirit out of body; the way from a rosebud or a raspberry to a decomposed dung.

Hint with composition: рас (rise) + пад (a path to the end / falling apart) / res (things) + separation / respawn + end = death

Hints with translations, synonyms + context: respite of death / the end for a rusted part of metal or a part rasped to pieces (with a rasp-file)



Hint with an alternative definition: the same process as decay; it is a result of a journey of life beyond the edge of death, no arousal, no wrestle.

Hint with composition: rise + lay aside = loss of any parts of a body

Hints with translations, synonyms + context: like an erosion after a wrestle for life / it is like a «rise of a rusty & ashen lord – the death» / imagine a razor-eraser for any flesh – a tool of decay

Mental visualization: Ра (decay of the letter «P» to «a») + Сп (decay of the letter «C» to «p») + Ад(decay of the letter «A» to «d»)