СВЕТ _|_ SHINE, LIGHT / SVET [svʲet]           

Hint with an alternative definition: the natural visible rays (ultraviolet) consist of photons from Sun (like various Sun-vectors & ways), for example, light from a soffit for a svelte person; divine white’s light in a window of a worshipper person with doves; light as a valet de place who can let you see everything and vet everything; very hot light from a fire stove makes you sweat.

Hints with translation + consonant words (by sounds or letters): red’s way (imagine Soviets) / imagine light from a very fair cresset of moon / light is civitas (state, Latin), you have to save it!

Russian pro-tip: сеть лучей с высоты, сверху / ветер солнца или ветки солнца

Mental visualization: сВ (the Sun shines in the clouds) + еT (the moon shines on a background of wood)