СВЕЧА _|_ CANDLE / SVECHA [svʲɪˈt͡ɕa]       

Hint with an alternative definition: it is a wick placed in beeswax which is waiting for a match to make light; for example, in the ancient times the candle was the only feature to achieve anything at night, so imagine black witch’s hut, a fetching woman inside and hunchback-chandler with a candle near it.

Hints with translations, synonyms + context: candle is a switch to color & light (from colorless darkness) / like a burning fitch / flames of a candle are looks like chives

Bonus hint: change «the rectal suppository» (literary «placed underneath») to «the rectal candle», imagine that any dark place needs a candle, candle with the light of treatment

Russian pro-tip: свет + чёрное (фитиль, копоть)

Mental visualization: the patient pants and bends down (CB), the doctor selects a rectal suppository from the assortment (EЧ), his other hand is in the pocket (a). / CB (candelabrum with two short candles, on its side) + E (three candles) + Ч (two candles) + A (candle in the lamp)