CКОРОСТЬ _|_ SPEED / SKOROST [ˈskorəsʲtʲ]          

Hint with an alternative definition: it is the core capacity for rapid motion or course; for example, you need in the speed of high rates to get a score in the race of cars; imagine a scarlet, scorched & roasted skater who is skate faster than arrows because of a fire scariest ghost; think of a speedy rooster & cows (slow).

Hint with composition: scoot + rathe / scurry + rost

Hint with a mirror: …ties-o-rocks & cause + roots (no movement) | скорость / strokes (an insult, no speed) | скорость / curse of rest & store | скорость

Russian pro-tip: cкок + ярость (усиленный прыжок переходит в скорость) / сколько предмет рос — показывает скорость / нестись как коршун, сокол и рысь / ступать ко сроку (формула: движение на время)

International hints: (速 (su, скорость) или 匆 (сōng, быстрый) + 酷热 (кùrè, горячий)

Mental visualization: Imagine the super-fast bike that rushes to the finish line: C (parachute, bike rides so fast that it is forced to slow it down), K (parachute slings), letters O (wheels), P (two legs of the cyclist), C (bike wheel), T (finish tape and flag)