БЕГ _|_ RUN / BEG [bʲek]      

Hint with an alternative definition: to go at a fast pace – like to say «bye-bye» by legs and be quick or run like a horse with the best gallop.

Hint with compositions: be + go

Hints with translation + consonant words (by sounds or letters): beggar (ran from society) or to go & beg for money / beagle is for chase and run / imagine a sack-race but with big bags / beginning > beg (run) > finish gate / imagine the alternative to roach races – bug races / watch your back and run (beg) from a boogie-man / bog has no “beg” – you can’t run on bog

Hints with mirror: Geb (god of ground, stand) | beg (run)

Russian pro-tip: быстро + гнать = бегать, бежать

Mental visualization: a runner in position — turn the letter «Б» a little to the right, the convex part of the letter is the knee on the ground, «Г-like part» is the body and hand of the runner, imagine that he crouched on one knee) + E (two tracks ) + Г (finish tape or flag)


Hint: be + gone + cycle / be + go + one (cursor)

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