ТЕЧЬ _|_ TO FLOW / TECH [tʲet͡ɕ] / ТОК _|_ CURRENT / TOK [tok]

Hint with an alternative definition: it is like to change your position by move (like to go as a fluid), or it is a leakage; for example, a trend in a channel, a ditch, a chute / second definition: the flow of energy from tech.

Hints with translation + consonant words (by sounds or letters): to chit (to sprout is like a green flow of life for a plant) / image a teacher who directs the flow of knowledge to each of students via talk (the flow of words) or chastising touch of a birch-rod (for cheaters).

Hint with composition: tears + didge = to flow

Hint with transformations: stretch + too strong > tetch (released movement)

Hint with a mirror: curt (electro-current) | ток / curt & curtained (no movement) | ток (flow)

Russian pro-tip: тень + лечь + туда (вода, как тень) / ток (движение) | кот (свернулся в клубок и не движется)

Mental visualization: T (current) + OK (plug, adapter) / T (pipe with a flow inside) + еЧь (pipe with a leak on both sides)