УЗОР _|_ PATTERN UZOR [ʊˈzor]     

Hint with an alternative definition:  it is like a design or decoration with figures for ajour fabric, for example, stylized roses with rhombus = pattern with flowers.

Hint with composition: loose + sort, array = pattern

Hints with translation + consonant words (by sounds or letters): from a horrible ooze to a pattern of a great use & beauty

Russian tip: усладой взора легли на ткань переплетения узлов и красок, орнамент линий, их заря вязала будто розу света.

Mental visualization: З (bulging eyes) + P (magnifying glass) + EH (eyes with glasses) + Ие (wink or one eye) / У (needle with thread) + ЗО (pattern on fabric) + Р (other needle with thread)