ХВОСТ _|_ TAIL / KHVOST [xvost]    

Hint with an alternative definition: It is the hindmost part of an animal as a flexible appendage to the torso with vertebrae and wool; It is used to hide & cover-up waste (tracks, fur) or wag & heave; it was behind, but now it is a coccyx in humans. 

Hints with translation + consonant words (by sounds or letters): any host in a vest was a «hvost» (last and subordinate)

Russian pro-tip: от верха остаток / за него можно хватать / хвост смотрит на восток, а голова на запад (там зубы и запах) / хвост собаки выражает восторг (ха, восторг!)

Mental visualization: X (hanging tail) + ВO (fluffy round tail) + СT (crocheted tail) + S (tails)