ЧЕРВЬ _|_ WORM / CHERV [t͡ɕerfʲ]  

Hint with an alternative definition: a generally tubular burrowing invertebrate animal; think of a worm which grows in cherry, peach or cheese and a chirping bird who eats it; a larva in meat in butcher’s ranch because of scorcher; a very well-read worm inside a book in a church; the soil after a drench (rain) is rich in worms.

Hints with translation + consonant words (by sounds or letters): trench warrior is a worm or a chief of the burrow

International hints: 蚩 chī (червь) + worm

Russian pro-tip: чёрный зверь в земле / червь сомнений живёт в речах / он как живая чёрная верёвка.

Mental visualization: ЧЕ (the worm creeps out of the hole) + РВЬ (worms in the hole)