ЧЕРЕП _|_ SKULL / CHEREP [ˈt͡ɕerʲɪp]           

Hint with an alternative definition: the chief & principal bones of the head considered as a unit and full of sutures; it is like a perfect chest for brains with a cap & a chap (jaw) on a perch (neck).

Hints with translation + consonant words (by sounds or letters): imagine a biker on a chopper with a scull of a creepy reaper on a charry wrap (headwrap, bandana) / imagine the scene: preacher & cherub in a chapel saw a scull sign and said, «Cheer up!» / scull = cherished past (memories) / cheques rep (repository) who is thinking for cheaper deals / cherry-pack with brains (cherrystone) / char (character) + RIP = skull

Russian pro-tip: не перечь, а то череп с плеч!

Latin: cephalicus (“head”) > che…p > cherep

Mental visualization: Ч (skull on the side without crown) + EP (skull on the other side and the jaw) + EП (skull on top with the jaw)