ЧИСТИТЬ _|_ TO CLEAN / CHISTIT [ˈt͡ɕisʲtʲɪtʲ]          

Hint with an alternative definition: to search for dirt and then put it to a ditch (cleanout) while chore, like to bring back «shining chastity» by removing the dirt or to switch from a «dirt» to «clean» state.

Hint with transformations: to chastise (to unmask & remove sins as dirt) > чистить (to remove a real dirt)

Hints with translation + consonant words (by sounds or letters): to clean dirt like Christ cleans sins (Christ > chist)

Russian pro-tip: убирать чёрное с листа

Mental visualization: Чи (vacuum cleaner and trash) + CT (broom and dustpan) + ИТЬ (garbage, broom and dustpan)