Hint with an alternative definition: the measurement of the extent of something from side to side — the narrowest & most generous (large) sides; think of a sheer diameter of a ring or a round arena; the width of an object depends on its inner richness & sharing of free space. 

Hints with translation + consonant words (by sounds or letters): think of a wide sea of rains over the horizon and prairies of Cherokee / width is like a wide serene shore behind a screen of mists but height is a wild stream from a mountain.

Russian pro-tip: мера для шара и мира, черта на нём по кругу; жир от кушаний дарит ширь, но от жара она плавится до жижи и вот, без шири, ты паришь

Mental visualization: Ши (telescopic expansion) + Pь (inflating volume)